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The Lung Cancer Ribbon

By: Luke Stephenson
Many people who have someone in their life that is affected by lung cancer, will often times wear a lung cancer ribbon is a show of support for them, This as a result will lead them many times showing their support to rid the world of this awful disease. The plain pearl color like many others has a special meaning.
The pearl represents the fact that the everyday person can be affected by this disease, this will many times lead a person to make the commitment to support the battle in any way that they are able to. They see these ribbons as serving a duel purpose in the battle.
The first purpose is that the ribbons show that they have awareness of the problem and are interested in helping to find a solution that will one day lead to a permanent cure for this disease. This is the hopes of each and every person that makes the decision to wear one of these ribbons.
The other way that these help is that the purchase price of these often times will be donated to the research in trying to find a cure for this disease and allow people to live as normal of a life as they are able to. While many people will claim that the small amount makes little to no difference, the fact of the matter is that often times these can go a long way in helping in funding the research to rid people of lung cancer.
When a person wears one of these ribbons, it is done so on the left hand side towards the heart and up a little bit. This is often times looked at as being the best place to display this at with the best exposure.
While many of the people that wear these do not know anyone with this illness, they still feel a dedication to the cause and are looking for a way to help in making a difference in the world.
A lung cancer ribbon is a wonderful way for a person to show their support for a person that has been affected by this disease. The more people that show awareness to this issue, the more exposure that it will get and lead to more and more people showing this sup[port for this disease. This is one of the best ways that you can show your support for a person that you may or may not know that is suffering from lung cancer.


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